Six Moon Views

More Works By Otto Rogers Mixed Media 2009
25 × 20 in 63.5 × 50.8 cm
36 × 28 in 91.44 × 71.12 cm

About Six Moon Views

Six divided circles are curated on a ground of blue-black and framed by lighter grey and sky blue in this 25 inch vertical watercolour paper collage. Rogers' work, rooted in cubist-constructivist tradition, was recognized by critic Clement Greenberg in 1963 as having a 'fullness of inspiration". In keeping with this sentiment, Rogers' tonal expression in this painting is contemplative, spiritual and uplifting.

Rogers' paintings, mixed media and sculptures are included in more than 30 public collections across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the McMichael Canadian Collection, the National Gallery of Canada. His work is also in the Museu d'art contemporain de Barcelona and the National Gallery of Iceland as well as numerous private and corporate collections Rogers helped sustain the Emma Lake Workshops which provides a meeting place for many of North America's most respected visual artists and critics including Clement Greenberg, Barnett Newman, Jules Olitiski, Kenneth Noland, Jack Shadbolt, Helen Frankenthaler. In 2007, a published book of his work Otto Donald Rogers, included a foreword by British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro.