Big Red Trip

More Works By Pat Service Acrylic on Canvas 2016
46 × 78 in 116.84 × 198.12 cm

About Big Red Trip

BC artist Pat Service has always had a special fondness for the allure of the ‘open road.’ Over the years many road trips across the mountains to the prairies in Saskatchewan have provided her with rich mental pictures of the simple beauty of that landscape.
In this striking minimalist colourful painting, the road stretches out towards the horizon over rolling hills past fields and trees. Painted a vivid red, the sky offers dynamic contrast to turquoise hills, the fields a soft green and bright white, the road a soft melon hue.

“The road trip again becomes an excuse for the fun of putting strange marks, shapes, textures and colours together, to make something no-one has seen before.”
Pat Service

She acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of B.C. and later studied art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Service’s work is held in private collections in North America, Britain, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.