More Works By Paul Duval Aluminum 2023
88 × 47 × 42 in 223.52 × 119.38 × 106.68 cm

About Pression

A single figure stands precariously on a narrow ‘ledge’…back pressed against a frame, one leg raised and arms out wide as if trying to find balance. This is the engaging work of Quebec Sculptor Paul Duval. His large outdoor sculptures cast in a shiny, textured aluminum often speak to the concept of balance and imbalance. ‘Pression’ means ‘pressure’ in French. Ah the challenge of coping with the pressures of life!

“The representation of the body is the basis of my artistic approach. I sculpt in order to materialize the fantasy world within me.” Paul Duval

He is a member of the Canadian Sculptors Society and of the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec. He studied Monumental Sculpture at Université de Rimouski, casting at Maison des métiers d’art, Québec, and soldering at Cimic, Saint-Georges, Québec. In addition to his full-time work as an artist, Duval is Technical Director, Symposium international de la sculpture, Beauce-Art, in Saint Georges De Beauce, Québec. Duval’s sculptures including commissions are in private and public collections in Canada and France.