Saffron Threads

More Works By Paula Murray Porcelain 2023
16 × 11 × 9.5 in 40.64 × 27.94 × 24.13 cm

About Saffron Threads

Inspired by forms and patterns found in nature, Paula Murray’s work often reflects the deeply spiritual connection between humans, culture, and the natural world. The intense saffron colour (an ancient pigment and spice) of this vessel accentuates its fine undulating form. Murray’s exquisite sculptural vessels have been described by art critic Nancy Baele as “fusions of near rupture and serene beauty, echoing nature and the human body in their forms.”

“In creating my work, I am concerned with how we respond and engage with the cracks that emerge over the course of our lives- within, and with each other. I am exploring a bold response with this vibrant colour palette.” Paula Murray

Born in Ottawa, Paula Murray studied science at the University of Ottawa and ceramics at Sheridan College. Elected to the International Academy of Ceramics (2017) and the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts (2006) she has based her full-time studio practice from Meech Lake, in Gatineau Park since 1980.

Exhibiting in prestigious exhibitions in Canada, Italy, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Portugal, Romania and the USA, she has received several awards and creation grants. Public collections include the World Korean Ceramic Foundation Museum, Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taiwan, Museum of Ceramics, Faenza Italy, Canada House, London, UK, and in Canada the Gardiner Museum, Museum of History, and Art Bank.