Tree Portrait 20202

More Works By Peter Hoffer Mixed Media on Panel 2020
14 × 8 in 35.56 × 20.32 cm

About Tree Portrait 20202

In this charming oil painting by Canadian artist Peter Hoffer, a single deciduous tree fills the canvas—its rich green foliage set against a summer’s pale blue sky, Hoffer is known for his romantic, elegant work reminiscent of artists such as John Constable. This is one of a series of 12 portraits of trees: each one displaying a distinct shape and personality. Hoffer uses thickly applied layers of resin randomly scratched and marked to emulate the natural weathering of trees.

“Exposed to the elements, scarred by the wind and shifting soils, the landscape reveals its own narrative.” Peter Hoffer

He obtained an MFA from Concordia University and additional degrees from the University of Guelph and OCAD University. Hoffer has exhibited widely at art fairs in Basel, Toronto, New York, Stockholm, London, Milan, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. His paintings are held in many private, corporate and public collections.