After Rain

More Works By Philippe Pallafray Painted Steel
98.5 × 94 × 26 in 250.19 × 238.76 × 66.04 cm

About After Rain

The vivid colours and dynamic form of Philippe Pallafray’s ‘After Rain’ metal sculpture marries industrial materials with shapes inspired by nature. Each cylinder of this gorgeous pop art piece (20 in all) radiates like a flower from the open center. The oval tips of each cylinder are painted in bright yellow, lime-green, red, purple and orange.

“What is removed from the sculptures, the voluntary emptiness, recalls the ephemeral and fragile nature of life.” Philippe Pallafray

He is a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada and of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec. Born in France, he emigrated to Canada ten years ago and currently lives in Ile d’Orléans, Québec. He uses steel and stainless steel that he cuts, shapes, folds, and welds. Pallafray's sculptures have been exhibited in Canada and the United States both as part of group and solo exhibitions. They are also part of public and private collections in Canada, France and the United States.