Summer Red Rhythm

More Works By Rob Lorenson Stainless Steel 2023
85 × 44 × 24 in 215.9 × 111.76 × 60.96 cm
$35,000 USD

About Summer Red Rhythm

A fine sculptor for 30 years, American artist Rob Lorenson creates dynamic abstract pieces that are visually captivating. This large elegant outdoor sculpture is forged from stainless steel and features three curved columns of varying lengths that appear to support a circle of steel, cut in half and angled. Coated in a brilliant shiny red, Lorenson’s work demands attention. One of a series.

“Working with metal has been for me an odyssey in expression of form, space and place making. Fine metal craft excites me in any form but is elevated within the medium of sculpture.” Rob Lorenson

Born in Iowa in 1969, Lorenson had an early interest in art and sculpture and attended The University of Northern Iowa on an arts scholarship. Graduate school followed at the Northern University of Illinois where he attained an MFA in sculpture. Lorenson has taught art history and sculpture at several US universities, finally landing at Bridgewater University in Massachusetts where he still teaches today. He has always continued his own art practice, has been represented by a number of American galleries and has placed works in more than 300 private and public settings.