Rob Lorenson




Rob Lorenson (b. 1969, Cedar Falls, Iowa) graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University in 1994. It was there he worked under Bruce White as a studio fabricator building some of his large-scale works while assisting him with his small-scale projects. Lorenson has cited Bruce and his mentorship as pivotal to his development as an artist – one he continues to cherish many years later.

Lorenson creates stainless steel and aluminum sculptures that are a rich interplay of colour and negative space, with elements of geometry. Lorenson strives to emphasize the compositional qualities of the work, to create dynamic movement with static, solid objects. His art is held in numerous private and public collections, including The Ritz-Carlton in North Carolina, Hearst Centre for the Arts and Purdue University.

Lorenson currently lives and works in Massachusetts and has placed over 300 works in public and private collections. “Every collector is a great new relationship and it is the people that keep me interested in this endeavour as much as the art.” - Rob Lorenson

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Rob Lorenson