Parallax Series - Occluder

More Works By Rocco Turino Aluminum 2023
92 × 38 × 29 in 233.68 × 96.52 × 73.66 cm

About Parallax Series - Occluder

Reminiscent of the angles and form found in origami, this intriguing sculpture stands tall against the sky. This is Rocco Turino. Working from his own foundry in London, England, Turino cuts, welds and shapes metal into compelling abstracted sculptures. Turino was inspired by the enigmatic work of the famous Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti. This contemporary piece is created from aluminum—three tall flat panels of metal with ‘folded’ edges joined at the top…painted in bright white with accents in sky blue and bright green.

“Working this way (making objects through improvisation) can really surprise you and challenge how you execute the finished work.” Rocco Turino

Born in Italy, Turino grew up in Ontario. He graduated from OCAD’s sculpture/Installation program before moving to Montreal to complete an MFA at Concordia University in the mid 90’s. There he received a McConnell Fellowship that enabled him to attend Glasgow of Art for a semester as an exchange student. He returned to the UK in 2000 and established his own foundry and business in London where he has continued to live and work. Turino has exhibited in Canada and the UK and completed commissions for residences in Mallorca, London, Toronto and Los Angeles.