Room for Mystics 13

More Works By Sandra Meigs Acrylic on Canvas 2017
80 × 90 in 203.2 × 228.6 cm

About Room for Mystics 13

In this joyful, evocative abstract painting by Sandra Meigs the message in cursive is fun and engaging—wake up yourself! Known for her clever use of words and vivid colours, this piece features round shapes and faces in blue, yellow and indigo against a bright orange background. One of a series of thirty paintings that formed an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2017.

“The exhibition is all about the state of awareness in meditation and joy, as pointed out in the title Room for Mystics. When you learn to pose in meditation, you’re asked to upturn the corners of your mouth in a kind of smile.” Sandra Meigs

Born in Baltimore in 1953, Sandra Meigs studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (B.F.A.) and Dalhousie University (M.A.). She has lived and worked in Canada since 1973. Meigs has a rich exhibition history with multiple supporting publications from public galleries including the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Power Plant in Toronto. In 2015, Meigs received the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts and the Gershon Iskowitz Prize. In 2021 she collaborated on a book about her art. She has been a teacher at the University of Victoria for more than 20 years. Meigs' artworks are held in private, corporate and public collections including the National Gallery of Canada.