Sharon's Sunroom

More Works By Shani Mootoo Giclee 2020
21 × 31.5 in 53.34 × 80.01 cm
30.5 × 40 in 77.47 × 101.6 cm

About Sharon's Sunroom

Shani Mootoo’s compelling photographs of interior spaces are at once intimate and revealing. Mootoo artfully frames the shot without curating the collection she is capturing. Sharon’s sunroom is a delightful, bright, warm space filled with cherished objects assembled against the backdrop of a natural brick wall. The viewer is invited to discover and share the personal story each image suggests.

This giclee print is editioned, 1/5. The work is matted, framed. Framed size is 30.5 x 40 inches. It is also available in two other sizes, 12 x 28 (framed 21 x 27 inches, edition of 10, $2,000); and 16 x 24 inches (25 x 33 inches framed, edition of 8, $2,600.).

“I was struck by the carefully curated collection of items on one side of this sunroom, and their very careful placement on the back brick wall. I noted that while the items were vastly different from the other, a colour sensibility belonging to the collector was evident, and there was a deliberate symmetry in the arrangement, and a palpable love and playfulness in the choice of ornaments.” Shani Mootoo