Sharon's Sunroom Shani Mootoo

Giclee print on cotton archival paper
21 × 31.5 inches
53.34 × 80.01 cm
Framed Size
30 × 40 inches
76.2 × 101.6 cm

Known for her photographic portraits of interior spaces, Shani Mootoo reveals the curious and often emotive personal narratives of her subjects.  This giclee print by Shani Mootoo is editioned, 1/5. The work is matted, framed. Framed size is 30.5 x 40 inches. It is also available in two other sizes, 12 x 28 (framed 21 x 27 inches, edition of 10, $2,000); and 16 x 24 inches (25 x 33 inches framed, edition of 8, $2,600.). Mootoo describes how this image was created: "I was at my printer's studio working on a body of photographs when we were interrupted by a customer who needed his attention for a few minutes. I agreed on a pause so that that customer could be accommodated, and my printer suggested I roam the garden, as there was a lot to see there. Just before the exit to the garden was a room crammed with pastel knick-knacks. A glass sliding door stood closed between me and this room, which seemed to be a combination of very special private space and a storage room. I immediately had the sense that I was seeing a photograph waiting to be taken and, as I had my Sony Rx100m7 camera around my neck, I ran back to my printer and asked if I could go into the room. He generously said, 'By all means, go wherever you'd like".  On entering, there wasn't much room to negotiate, but I was struck by the carefully curated collection of items on one side of this sunroom, and their very careful placement on the back brick wall. I noted that while the items were vastly different one from the other, a colour sensibility belonging to the collector was evident, and there was  a deliberate symmetry in the arrangement, and a palpable love and playfulness in the choice of ornaments. This made me raise the camera and, out of that moment, working the camera, handheld and in manual mode, I made this photograph. I realize that my attraction to Sharon's sunroom tells of my own ongoing interest in the curious collections of others, and my desire to frame and capture them as photographs amounts to yet another kind of collecting."

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