Tangled Column Red

More Works By Shayne Dark Powder coated steel 2020
124 × 50 × 50 in 314.96 × 127 × 127 cm

About Tangled Column Red

This imposing, rich red metal sculpture by Canadian artist, Shayne Dark is part of the ‘Entangled Series’ he has worked on for years. The series began in wood, then in small steel works and has evolved into these larger sculptures, suitable for indoors or outdoors. “Experiencing the natural world will often give me a germ of an idea and then I run with it.” Shayne Dark

He was the artist-in-residence at the Brooklyn botanic garden in 2016 after a successful residency at the Albright Knox and Buffalo botanical garden in 2015. Sculpture magazine featured an article on Dark’s work. At Art Basel, he was named one of the top ten artists to watch. Dark’s sculptures can be found in numerous private, corporate and public collections.