Alchemia #3 (Indoor/Outdoor)

More Works By Stefan Duerst Steel 2023
75.5 × 19 × 10.5 in 191.77 × 48.26 × 26.67 cm

About Alchemia #3 (Indoor/Outdoor)

The elegant abstract sculptures of Stefan Duerst are characterized by clean, flowing lines and minimal form hand forged from steel. This piece is a single ‘ribbon’—a contemporary tower of steel that curls and twists skyward. It’s coated in a glossy bright red automotive paint—a signature palette for Duerst that serves to emphasize the shape. Duerst finds inspiration for his artwork in nature’s energy—earth, wind, fire and water—the very elements that are used to make steel. In the Middle Ages alchemia (Latin for alchemy) was a science dedicated to discovering how to transform ordinary metals like copper or lead into gold. One of a series suitable for indoors or outdoors.

“In my sculptural work, I aim to capture energy in motion - a frozen moment of time, which in German is known as an “Augenblick”.” Stefan Duerst

Stefan Duerst was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He apprenticed under a Master Blacksmith and worked in both metal design and fabrication. He completed his Masters in Metalwork with distinction. Duerst has exhibited throughout North America. His sculptures can be found in both private and public collections in Canada and the US.