Tabula Rasa 1

More Works By Stefan Duerst Powder coated steel 2022
20 × 20 × 4 in 50.8 × 50.8 × 10.16 cm

About Tabula Rasa 1

In a gorgeous candy coloured red, ribbons of steel swirl together curling and overlapping to form a circle. This is the dynamic work of Stefan Duerst.
The German born sculptor creates brightly coloured abstract sculptures from steel; their clean lines and flowing form are his signature. The steel is powder coated for a glossy finish. The Latin term ‘tabula rasa’ means ‘clean slate ‘in English; a suggestion perhaps that Duerst enjoys complete freedom to create his ethereal work.

“….my inspiration is often guided by spontaneous intuition that directs decisions about form, lines and spatial vs. non-spatial relations.” Stefan Duerst

Born and raised in Munich, Germany Duerst apprenticed under a Master Blacksmith and worked in both metal design and fabrication. He completed his Masters in Metalwork with distinction. Stefan Duerst has exhibited throughout North America. His sculptures can be found in both private and public collections in Canada and the US.