More Works By Stephane Langlois Aluminum 2023
83 × 55 × 30 in 210.82 × 139.7 × 76.2 cm

About Generation

The inspired abstract metal sculptures created by Stéphane Langlois are rooted in historical and architectural form. The Quebec artist’s elegant work is inspired by the shapes of the towers and church spires that are found dotting the landscape of his home province. These striking triangular ‘towers’—one taller than the other are cut and welded from aluminum. A signature of Langlois’s’ work–intriguing geometric interior panels are made from pieces of aluminum treated with acid to add patina and contrast. The exterior of each column is polished to a high sheen that reflects light.

“Spontaneity and fluidity is essential in my work. Forms that are anchored in the ground and they want to evolve towards the sky.” Stéphane Langlois

He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and studied sculpture at the Maison des Métiers d’art in Quebec City. Langlois has been sculpting professionally since 2002. His work, in wood and metal, has been seen in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is held in public and private collections in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Mexico.