Bonfire AP/20

More Works By Ulysses Veloso Polished and Patinated Stainless Steel 2024
75 × 36 × 36 in 190.5 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm

About Bonfire AP/20

This elegant and dynamic modern outdoor sculpture—a rare artist’s proof is by Toronto-based sculptor Ulysses Veloso. Three bands of polished stainless steel, the interior patinated in a rich textured burnt umber form seemingly infinite loops designed to emulate the flames of a fire. Each of the three bands are intended to represent the artist’s philosophical approach to the idea of fire--as energy—a scientific concept, in anthropological terms—humans evolved due to the discovery of fire, and thanks to climate change, fire can also be an adversary. The theme of much of Veloso's artwork is inspired by global issues.

“The irony of forging steel using fire is worthy of an art process, and by polishing steel to its highest level, it is suggestive and hopeful that humanity will reflect upon the use of “fire” wisely and to elevate awareness about our carbon footprint….For a pius “fire” is Hell, for a builder “fire” is God, for a dreamer “fire” is Art.” Ulysses Veloso

Ulysses Veloso acquired a master’s degree in fine arts and a bachelor’s degree in sculpture and education. He has mounted 14 major solo shows and 24 group exhibitions in major museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces. Veloso has a long list of commissioned works both in the local and international art market. He currently works as the lead artist for an art and architectural fabrication company in Toronto.