Congratulations to Philippe Pallafray for his participation as a guest artist of honor for the 10th edition of Beauce Art

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You are invited to discover Pallafray's new large sculpture, titled Après la pluie, les grandes orgues on Sunday, June 23, 10am. 

This will also be an opportunity to discover the works created by 3 other exceptional sculptors from Oeno Gallery, David Perrett and the duo Jean-Francois Maheux and Nadia Mercier.  The event includes the remarkable works of 10 sculptors selected internationally. 

You can find more details on the event and all the participating artists and their works here:

Beauce Art 2024

For the 10th and last edition, Beauce Art, Saint-Georges’ Sculpture International, has organized a symposium focused on the spirit of the festival and its whirling and phantasmagoric effects. A symposium of stone and steel music. The International Sculpture Symposium is an event of Beauce Art whose mandate is to create a permanent trail of public works constituting an internationally renowned cultural heritage.

For those who cannot attend the symposium, another version of this sculpture, titled After Rain has been installed in our Sculpture Garden. The vivid colours and dynamic form of Philippe Pallafray’s After Rain metal sculpture marries industrial materials with shapes inspired by nature. Each cylinder of this gorgeous pop art piece (20 in all) radiates like a flower from the open center. The oval tips of each cylinder are painted in bright yellow, lime-green, red, purple and orange.You can find more details about this work here:

Discover After Rain

Philippe Pallafray would to thank Mr. Marcel Dutil for his generous financial support, Beauce Art, as well as the sculptor Paul Duval, his collaborator on this project.

Photo Credit : Lynda Morin

On the picture, from left to right: Marcel Dutil, patron, Martin Rancourt, President of Beauce Art and  Philippe Pallafray.