Toronto Church Condo Loft Project Features Contemporary Works from Alice Vander Vennen and Mark Bartkiw

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Works by Mark Bartkiw and Alice Vander Vennen were recently used by award-winning Toronto designer, Tania N Design on a beautiful modern church condo loft project. Alice Vander Vennen's lovely textural mixed media wall hanging is an inviting hallway piece, while Mark Bartkiw's surrealist photography and incorporation of natural elements make it a wonderful window-side artwork overlooking Lake Ontario. 


Vander Vennen's Sculptural Wall Hanging

"Alice's "canoe" piece is on the second-floor landing so you see it going up the stairs and see all the mixed elements details behind the glass once you are at the top!" - Tania N Design
Alice Vander Vennen’s modern sculptural wall hangings are inspired by both her family history and a strong connection to nature. This eclectic, curated arrangement of materials –fine willow branches, textiles—new and archival, painted fabric, piano felts and polished copper is mounted on a canoe-shaped base. The collection expresses a compelling story about life’s journey.

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Mixed Media
19 x 49 in


Bartkiw's Photographic Art

"I love where Mark's water picture is placed in the loft. The angled wall is southeast and that leads directly to Lake Ontario and the boats!" - Tania N Design

Mark Bartkiw is a photographic artist with twenty years of experience since studying photography at Sheridan College. While in Toronto he has worked in a range of genres including editorial, portrait, advertising, fashion and music industry photography. As an artist, Bartkiw is fascinated by the effect of slightly distorting reality to create a somewhat imaginary world. He uses a variety of techniques to create a collage of images in his artwork.


Photographer: Michael Peart

Photographer: Michael Peart


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Metallic C-print on Dibond, Plexiglass
36 × 36 in


Designer: Tania N Design
Photo CreditMichael Peart
Gallery: Oeno Gallery