Bright Line

More Works By Alice Teichert Mixed Media on Canvas 2019
65 × 53 in 165.1 × 134.62 cm

About Bright Line

Paris born Alice Teichert is known for her bold ethereal and luminous graphic artwork inspired by a background in art, music and literature. These four panels feature a whirlwind of steel gray that appears holographic in depth played against a backdrop of cerulean, pink, orange and turquoise. Each panel has burnished layers of acrylic pigment underlined by a bright horizon and grounding lines of sunlit oranges, blues and reds. Simply gorgeous.

The paintings can be hung in two rows as pictured here. The four panels installed on the wall measure approximately 65 H x 53 W inches. Each panel is 30 x 24 inches.

“I’m always interested in something to look through…that sense of transparency…the famous looking glass…the multi-dimensional aspects…the hidden realms.” Alice Teichert

She studied music, philosophy and visual arts in Belgium and France. Since 1989, Teichert has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions in Germany, France, NY, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Her paintings are held in many private, corporate and public collections worldwide.