Let There Be Love

More Works By Alice Teichert Acrylic on Canvas 2022
60 × 30 in 152.4 × 76.2 cm

About Let There Be Love

In this beautiful new work by Alice Teichert, a universal symbol of love--the image of flames appears to explode from the canvas in golden hues against a deep red, green and blue backdrop. American writer Henry David Thoreau wrote—“Love must be as much light, as it is a flame.” Teichert’s ethereal work plays with the reflection of light by using multiple layers of translucent coloured gels that add depth, texture and movement to her work. This piece radiates positive energy.

“The shiny layers that I pour between the layers (of gloss gel) allow me to create these holographic—3D or multi-dimensional surfaces. A universe.” Alice Teichert

She studied music, philosophy and visual arts in Belgium and France. Since 1989, she has built an international career with over 30 solo exhibitions in Germany, France, NY, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Teichert’s paintings are held in many private, corporate and public collections worldwide.