Large Outdoor Vessel No 1

More Works By Bill Greaves Ceramic 2023
13 × 14 × 14 in 33.02 × 35.56 × 35.56 cm

About Large Outdoor Vessel No 1

From his studio in Consecon Ontario, Bill Greaves creates hand formed vessels that honour an ancient material and tradition. Each clay vessel is formed by coiling, scraping and carving the stony material into a voluptuous textured shape. This large outdoor vessel has a gorgeous deep blue and green colour on the exterior; the interior is a natural clay colour. Greaves likes to glaze his work with a dry brush to create a rich matte surface. Surprise! A small ‘snake’ appears to be coiled at the bottom of the vessel.

“Clay…it’s literally ground down rock and it took millions of years for it to form. That’s a huge continuum of time that humans manipulate for a moment.” Bill Greaves

Originally trained as an architect at Yale University, Bill studied ceramics at Alex Yeung Studio in Toronto from 2017-2019. His work is featured in numerous galleries in Ontario.