Galina Stetco




Galina Stetco (b.1975, Moldova) began attending arts school at age 10 and received her first degree at age 13. Her creative path started during childhood in her homeland of Maldova where she discovered her abilities and artistic interest. In 2000, she obtained a degree in architecture from the Technical University of Moldova, in Chishinau, the country's capital. In 2003 she emigrated to Canada and currently resides in the Greater Montreal area. As of 2011, she has devoted herself exclusively to her work as a painter and sculptor. Stetco's experience in architecture allows her to focus on representations of form, on a figurative technique rooted in realism that is also juxtaposed to her interest in the abstract. Art for her is a mysterious phenomenon that combines both space and matter,  and captivates them. Galina Stetco speaks French, English, Romanian and Russian. Stetco’s work can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States and Moldova.