More Works By Galina Stetco Stainless Steel and Mild Steel 2024
113 × 32 × 22 in 287.02 × 81.28 × 55.88 cm

About Creator

This powerful architectural sculpture was created by Galina Stetco, a masterful contemporary artist. Forged from steel, a lone figure stands beneath a towering geometric form that appears to resemble the structural beams of a building. The mild steel structure is painted an earthy brown; the figure is formed from fragments of welded stainless steel. Stetco’s forms are often inspired by her experience as an architect but her chosen themes are influenced by deeper questions in life.

“Art is an infinite playground for the mind, so let’s step into it!” Galina Stetco

Galina Stetco was born in Moldova in 1975. She first attended art school at the tender age of 10 and received her first diploma when she was just 13.
In 2000, she graduated from the Technical University of Moldova with a degree in architecture. She first emigrated to Canada in 2003 and has since lived in the Montreal area. In 2011 she dedicated herself full-time to working as an artist. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, the US and Moldova.