Aqua Ripe Small

More Works By Julia Reimer Blown Glass 2021
5.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 in 13.97 × 13.97 × 13.97 cm

About Aqua Ripe Small

When sunlight shines through this azure blue glass globe, the colours are reminiscent of the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Inside this table-top piece is a cluster of several small spheres.This is one in a series of new hand-blown works by Julia Reimer, an award-winning Alberta-based glass artist.

“These pieces through their use of texture, the delicate nature of glass and its ability to transform light, highlights the mysterious potent spaces that house life.” Julia Reimer

She first studied glass blowing at the Albert College of Art and Design. Reimer has since exhibited across Canada and internationally in Australia, South Korea, Scotland and the US. For her elegant sensibility, Reimer received the inaugural National Award for Glass from the RBC and Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in 2008. She has received grants and scholarships from the Canada Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and was artist in residence at the University of South Australia, Northlands in Scotland and in New York at the Corning Museum of Glass -- to name just two. Julia Reimer is the co-owner of ‘Firebrand,’ a glass studio in the foothills of Alberta.