Marie-Ève Fréchette




Marie-Ève Fréchette was born in Quebec and studied at Laval University acquiring both a Bachelor of Arts and her master’s in visual arts. While at College she studied ceramics. Fréchette also has a degree in Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist for ten years. She still practised her art during that period and finally became a full time artist. Her enigmatic work is inspired and informed by her background in science—abstracted forms that often seem familiar. Her artwork can be found in many public collections in Quebec and France. Since 2013, she has worked alongside one of Quebec’s most celebrated contemporary sculptors, Jean-Pierre Morin.

“My art is fueled by biology, and it looks at living things in all of their complexity, with their power and their paradoxes, their order and their chaos, their strength and their fragility. The organic nature of my work is a reflection of my interest in biological systems, organic matter and the abnormalities and imbalances that may develop within these.”

Marie-Ève Fréchette