Singing Vessel Quetzal Green 32

More Works By Marlene Hilton Moore Corten Steel, Aerospace Paint 2023
32 × 32 × 8 in 81.28 × 81.28 × 20.32 cm

About Singing Vessel Quetzal Green 32

Inspired by ancient vessels, Marlene Hilton Moore’s colourful, contemporary wall sculptures are made from polished powder-coated steel. The deep blue-green colour of the vessel draws the viewer’s eye to its perfect and pleasing circular form. The Canadian artist's work explores the theme of 'listening'. “Do we listen? Do we hear?” ‘Singing’ vessels were so named because drumming the steel created a high-pitched sound. They were traditionally used as objects of healing and meditation.

“One enters the vessel, drawn toward the centre, and sound becomes gently magnified, all combining in an extant experience.” Marlene Hilton Moore

Marlene Hilton Moore has received awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. Her work is in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, the University of Winnipeg, and many other public and private collections.