More Works By Nicholas Crombach Bronze 2012
22 × 45 × 36 in 55.88 × 114.3 × 91.44 cm

About Macaw

Toronto artist, Nicholas Crombach’s large, bronze outdoor sculpture of a baby macaw depicts the parrot struggling and screeching from an awkward position on the ground. Macaws are colourful, loud birds from tropical climates that can live up to 80 years. In North America, these birds spend their lives caged or indoors as pets.
"My work investigates the relevance of morals with regard to our relationship with animals. Producing an inquiry into human nature, the animals that I have used to visually depict my interest, derive from my experiences and upbringing on a dairy farm.” Nicholas Crombach

He lives and works in Toronto and is a recent graduate of OCAD University’s Sculpture and Installation program. Crombach is the recipient of numerous awards. In 2012, he received his first public commission and is currently an artist in residence at The Florence Trust in London, UK.