More Works By Pat Service Acrylic on Canvas 2013
42 × 42 in 106.68 × 106.68 cm
43.5 × 43.5 in 110.49 × 110.49 cm

About Punctuation

This intriguing minimalist composition by Pat Service was inspired by her love of road trips. It is all about colour and clean, bold shapes. The canvas is saturated with a deep blue bordered by golden yellow and divided by a curvy white line--the road. Gulls appear to float through the sky. One sign seems to demand- ‘come to a full stop!’ Hence the painting’s name--punctuation.

“Colour carries the show here. It is hard to think that colour can be what the painting is about but colour is a universal emotional force to be reckoned with. Explosive or subtle, it is endlessly captivating.” Pat Service

She acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of B.C. and later studied art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Service’s work is held in private collections in North America, Britain, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.