More Works By Ryan Van Der Hout Steel 2021
64 × 45 × 24 in 162.56 × 114.3 × 60.96 cm

About Action

With Action, Canadian artist Ryan Van Der Hout creates a sense of motion in rigid steel. Paying homage to Eadweard Muybridge's seminal photographs, which first captured frame-by-frame people in motion, Action abstractly captures this concept. With a rich background in photography, his sculptural works reference the camera's use of light and motion. Motion is evoked in the structure of the sculptures mirrored finish, relecting and refracting it's surroundings with shadows traveling across the ground throughout the day as the sun moves.

“From a young age, I always wanted to create. Whether it was taking apart tv sets or creating installations out of old lightbulbs, I always had a project.” Ryan Van Der Hout

Van Der Hout is a graduate of Ryerson's photography program. His photo-based work has been exhibited in the U.K., New York and in Canada.

This sculpture is also available in varying sizes by commission.