More Works By Ryan Van Der Hout Mirror Finished and Powder Coated Steel 2022
100 × 48 × 48 in 254 × 121.92 × 121.92 cm

About Looking

In this intriguing sculpture by Ryan Van Der Hout, a multitude of mirrors reflect the images of sky and land that surround it. Forged from powder-coated steel, each lens is mounted on fine steel poles that criss-cross each other and reveal a different image as you walk around the piece. Van Der Hout’s sculptures were inspired by his work as a professional photographer. For several months, he apprenticed under one of Canada’s best sculptors—Shayne Dark. His vision was to create pieces infused with light and motion.

“Each sculpture becomes something of a static camera, documenting the many changes in the scene around it.” Ryan Van Der Hout

He is a graduate of Ryerson's photography program having attained a BFA with Honours in 2009. Van Der Hout’s photo-based work has been exhibited in the U.K., New York and in Canada.