Mirror Mirror

More Works By Ryan Van Der Hout Mirror Finished and Powder Coated Steel 2022
93 × 78 × 22 in 236.22 × 198.12 × 55.88 cm

About Mirror Mirror

Ryan Van Der Hout’s elegant series of outdoor steel sculptures were inspired by his work as a professional photographer. This powder-coated piece has five steel poles that fan out from the center; each one top and tailed with mirrors that reflect images and shine in the sunlight. For several months, Van Der Hout apprenticed under one of Canada’s best sculptors—Shayne Dark. His vision was to create pieces infused with light and motion.

“Referencing the minimalist work of Ellsworth Kelly, especially his Chapel Austin, which becomes a secular shrine to colour and light, I explore the auratic impact of stained glass.” Ryan Van Der Hout

He is a graduate of Ryerson's photography program having attained a BFA with Honours in 2009. Van Der Hout’s photo-based work has been exhibited in the U.K., New York and in Canada.