Mirror Mirror

More Works By Ryan Van Der Hout Mirror Finished and Powder Coated Steel 2022
93 × 78 × 22 in 236.22 × 198.12 × 55.88 cm

About Mirror Mirror

A multitude of polished mirrors shine as light bounces off them, reflecting the landscape and you. This is Ryan Van Der Hout’s elegant contemporary sculpture called Mirror Mirror. Inspired by their work as a professional photographer, this powder-coated piece has five steel poles that fan out from the center; each one top and tailed with framed round mirrors. The mirrors appear to act like a camera lens reflecting images that change colour as light hits them. The reflections seem almost infinite. Van Der Hout has long been inspired by many modernists—among them the American artist Ellsworth Kelly whose beautiful last sculptural piece called Austin was a white chapel with colourful glass windows.

“As viewers walk around each sculpture, different colours are combined and created, while simultaneously, the shadows cast change as the sun rises and sets.” Ryan Van Der Hout

An interdisciplinary artist Van Der Hout’s work focuses on ‘navigating stages of being such as grief, undoing and queer becoming.’ They have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Metropolitan University and have been supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Van Der Hout’s work has been widely published in The Huffington Post, Vogue Italia, Fortune Magazine, Larry’s List, CBC and Readers Digest and PhotoEd magazine. Their photo-based work was part of the AGO’s Collector’s series and has been exhibited in the U.K., New York and in Canada. They have created public art for the Toronto Archives, The TTC, Nuit Blanche in Toronto and Pemberton Developments. Van Der Hout is currently an MFA Fine Arts candidate at Parsons, the New School in New York City.