Lori Cozen-Geller

About Lori Cozen-Geller

Lori Cozen-Geller grew up in Los Angeles, California, and received a BA from the University of Southern California. She has maintained an active exhibition schedule since 2004 and works from a studio in Venice, California.

Cozen-Geller describes the moment she made her first artwork. It was on the day her father passed away. Intuitively seeking solace, she randomly drew geometric shapes on a scrap of paper that she then cut out. These almost accidental paper pieces, imbued with emotion, became blueprints for her first sculpture – a wood square painted in Ferrari Rosa Corsa Red automotive paint. This tribute to her father symbolized her love for him and acknowledged his passion for exotic cars.

Cozen-Geller’s geometric wall sculptures are smooth surfaced and glossy or matte. Their structural precision in eye-popping colours or polished stainless steel are touchstones for the artist. Through a post-minimalist aesthetic, the artist has continued to explore the qualities of emotion in material form.

“This process is a kinetic one for me. It is a journey that begins with a feeling, evolves into a powerful emotion and is then transformed into art. By freezing emotions and placing them into concrete form, I can then sit back and view the strength and meaning that now lies within the piece that has materialized as art.” 

Cozen-Geller’s artworks are held in corporate and private collections.

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