Sculpture Garden Installations Underway

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Thank you to Marc Plamondon, Terrance McGlade, Marianne Reim, Shayne Dark, Dawn McNutt and Zimart for installing sculpture for our Sculpture Garden Exhibition 2016. Many more to come.

"Charles Pachter's edgy perspective brings art and Canadian history together" by Christopher Moore

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Read the latest feature in Canada's History Magazine on artist Charles Pachter and his Pictures of Patriotism.    

Alice Teichert featured in "The Brain Project"

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Raised in a multi-lingual environment in Brussels, multi-disciplinary artist Alice Teichert is best known for her abstract paintings and mixed media works that explore the formal and suggestive potential of…

Shayne Dark Artist in Residence at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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Sculptor Shayne Dark is taking part in a year long sculpture exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.   To read more about his exhibit visit the following link; http://www.

Mariel Waddell featured in Invaluable's fall Picks for Wedding Gifts!

Artist Mariel Waddell was featured in Invaluable's fall picks for extraordinary wedding gifts with her Ripple Wave Bowl series. Follow the link below to see the article.   http://www.

Latest news for artist Susan Collett

Here are some latest exhibits featuring the work of artist Susan Collett.

Susan Collett's 2016 Exhibition Year and Permanent Collection Additions


Congratulations are in order to artist Susan Collett whose sculptures are now in the permanent collection of the Musee desBeaux Arts de Montreal and the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, India.

Paula Murray's Ceramic Sculptures on the Cover of Ceramics- Art and Perception

Cover of Ceramics Dec 2015 Feb 2016

Congratulations Paula Murray! Ceramics - Art and Perception chose to feature image from Murray's tremendous exhibition Connection x Connexion for their cover.

Alice Teichert, Decipher at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario


Integrating new paintings with older works on paper and a large-scale sculptural installation, Decipher traces Teichert’s interest in abstraction, typography and the interstices between the literary and visual arts.

Ken Hall Legacy Installation at North Toronto Memorial Community Centre

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Arist Ken Hall's award winning installation, Legacy as part of the Legacy Project will soon be opening at North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.

Charles Pachter Solo Exhibit to open at the Charterhouse in London, England

CP Promenade 1975 36x48

Charles Pachter: The British Loyalist Legacy and the Creation of Iconic Moments: Modern English Canada In a bold series of paintings produced over the last three decades, Pachter has examined and…

David Maracle Concert April 23 at Oeno Gallery

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Saturday April 23 at 7:30pm, you are invited to join us for a unique musical experience with acclaimed musician David Maracle.

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